Puppet - the new Joomla! CMS template


We create unique & best Joomla templates and WordPress themes.

We have a vision!

We develop highly qualitative templates for webpages for most common open source CMS like Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. Our vision is to improve the experience with free CMS and to make the Web a better place.

We work!

We are working tirelessly on our new templates and continuously improving the published ones. By doing it, we are in touch with new technologies every day and so we keep step with latest webpage technology and design.

Our goals

In our opinion the third, very important component of a web presentation, after technology and design, is Concept & SEO. When we create a template, we also think about its usage in the real world and its way to succeed.

Our clients

In the first line our clients are normal people who want to create a webpage without investing too much time and money in it. Our templates make it possible to create a qualitative webpage in a quick and cost-effective way. In addition we offer individual online-support service to our clients.

About us

We are a young team, composed of people who have experience in different sectors in the process of web developing. Every one of us is a specialist in his area and when such people work together, the outcome has to be something great.

Screen & Design

To make sure the design is not limited by cost-effectiveness our designers provide us daily the newest ways to design our templates. Each of our templates is unique and responsive to different resolutions.


Puppet – a professional Joomla! CMS template

Puppet is a completely responsive and agile Joomla Template, which can be optimized for any site in any branch. Take your web presentation into a complete new dimension with our newest technology.

This template is completely agile and responsiv...

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Vibiga’s measures

This is how we work and these are the measures we apply to every member of our team. Every coffee, every line of code, every pixel and every hour worked on Vibiga will make the Web a better place for all. You find our carefully measured statics to the left of this text.

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